Terms of reward 

This page sets out the terms on which you may participate in our 'report empty property’ scheme. Please read these terms carefully. The Privacy Policy and Terms of Website Use form part of these terms. If you do not agree to these terms, do not use our 'report empty property' reward scheme.


References in these terms to “you” and “your” are to you, the person using our ‘report empty property’ process, and “we”, “us”, “our” are to Northend Homes Ltd trading as betterplace.


How to participate


You must be 18 years of age or older in order to participate, and you must reside in the UK.


If you are aware of an empty or derelict property (Property), you may notify us of the property using our 'report empty property' process on our website www.betterplace.co.uk. You must follow all of the prompts and fill out all of the information required, including your contact details.


You will need to know:


  • The address of the property;

  • That it is a residential property;

  • You may report as many properties as you like.


You promise that the information you provide to us, on every occasion, whilst using our 'report empty property' process is correct to the best of your knowledge.


You agree that we may share details of the property with our business partners or other third parties.


Eligible properties


A property is eligible only if, on the date you completed the notification process:


The property is not currently on the open market for sale or rental and has not previously been advertised for sale or to let during the previous twenty four month period (including advertised for sale or to let by auction or listed with estate agents or using online property search engines);

The property has been empty for more than 12 months (unless it has recently fallen into probate).

If the property is occupied, then the property must appear to be derelict

The property reported is in a high density residential area with property values being in excess of £50,000 (Scotland, Ireland, N Ireland and Wales are excluded from our reward parameters) 

The property is residential (not commercial - this includes public houses & hotels);

The property has not been purchased within the last 5 years;

Details of the property have not previously been submitted to us;

The property is not owned by us or our associates or associated companies;

The property does not form part of our existing database;

Planning permission has not been applied for within the last 3 years;

The property does not form part of a high-rise council or ex-council block and

The property is privately owned; (privately owned retirement homes or assisted living properties will not qualify for a reward)

The property reported is not in a rural location.


1% cash reward


If you notify us of a property using our 'report empty property' process, you may be eligible for a cash reward.


You will be eligible if:


You notify us of a property and, as a result, we purchase that property;

You have no financial interest in the property;

You have not been disqualified from the reward scheme

The property complies with the eligibility criteria set out above; and

You are not in breach of any of these terms.

The cash reward will be equal to 1% of the actual purchase price following completion of the purchase.


‘Actual purchase price’ means the price paid by us for the Property exclusive of all fees, stamp duty, fixtures and fittings etc.


The 1% cash reward is subject to a cap of £10,000.


We will inform you of the purchase of the property, and the value of your cash reward, by email to the address provided to us within 30 days of the purchase completion. You may claim your cash reward by completing the bank detail request form included in our email to you and returning it to us within 30 days of our email notification. We will then transfer your cash reward to the account details provided within 30 days of you claiming your cash reward.


It is your responsibility to ensure that we have the correct, up to date, contact details for you.


If you fail to claim your cash reward within the 30 days of our email notification, we may determine that you are no longer eligible for the cash reward.


We reserve the right not to purchase any property for any or no reason. Where we decide not to purchase a property, we are under no obligation to inform you of our reasons for this decision. We are under no obligation to keep you informed of, or up to date regarding, any negotiations we enter for the purchase of any property, or any details of the purchase until after its completion.


Our liability to you


Our only obligation towards you is to provide you with the 1% cash reward if you are eligible to receive it.




You agree not to disclose details of the purchase price of the property, or any information relating to our business affairs, with any person, company or other organisation without our written permission to do so.


Your personal information


You agree to us sharing your personal information with our sponsors/partners for the purpose of providing you with the cash reward. For more information on how we collect and use your personal data, please see our Privacy and Cookies Policy.




You agree that we may use non-identifying details of your cash reward for marketing, advertising and promotional purposes. With your permission, we may also use specific personal details, photographs and other identifying information for such purpose