Report empty property

(and get rewarded for it)

It’s shocking to think that there are over 200,000 long-term empty houses in England while so many people are in desperate need of somewhere to live. We want to change that, and with your help we could turn disused properties back into beautiful homes that contribute to – rather than spoil – their local community. As a reward for reporting it, we’ll give you 1% of the purchase price if we successfully bring the property back into use*.

Empty homes create problems for local residents

  • They bring down local property prices

  • Can become unsafe structures 

  • Attract squatters and/or antisocial behaviour

  • Become targets for arson and vandalism 

  • Provide refuge for vermin such as rodents


When you tell us about an empty property, we’ll investigate the ownership and circumstances that led to it becoming empty, and where possible, seek an arrangement with the current owner(s). If we’re successful in bringing the property back into use, we’ll send you a cheque as our way of saying thanks.

So keep your eyes peeled and tell us if you have a dilapidated property letting down your area. With your help we could create a win-win outcome for you, us, the owner and the community.

Do you own an empty or run down property?

Get in touch and we may be able to help you and bring your property back into use.

*Subject to terms and conditions.

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