About Betterplace

Traditional ways of selling a property can be great when things go to plan. But what happens when a home owner falls on difficult times, the market takes a turn, or a buyer’s chain collapses? 


The old way leaves no wiggle room to move, and a once-loved home can quickly become an expensive burden. 


We aim to change that by creating tailored solutions built around each individual seller’s needs and challenges. 


Rather than just telling you what we can do for you, we ask you what you need and explore creative ways to make it work. That’s why Betterplace is the flexible way to sell your home.


Depending on your needs, we can purchase your home directly from you or help to find a suitable buyer who is as flexible as we are. 


Unlike other house buyers:

  • Our price, timescales and conditions of purchase are flexible

  • We always look for a win-win solution that benefits you as well as us

  • We can help if you have a high mortgage or debt secured against your home

  • We care about your wellbeing and what happens to you after you sell

  • We’ll tell you if you would be better off selling elsewhere


We provide our property buying services throughout England and Wales. 

Our values


Betterplace is built on a strong set of principles that govern our approach and the way we operate: 



We address challenges head on and explore all avenues to solve them, thinking outside the box to design new solutions where none exist. We challenge old ways of thinking and ask ‘why not?’ 



We build mutually beneficial relationships with clients and partners based on honesty, empathy, communication and a win-win mindset. 



We care about people and do what is right by them to help make their circumstances and surroundings better. 


Continuous improvement

We constantly review and reflect, both inwardly and outwardly, looking for ways we can make ourselves, our business, our industry, and others lives better.

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